About Us

About Us

Atelye presents with gratification.

A brand-new concept of merchandising with the years of craftsmanship and development...

With our firm, which is started its business life on 1992 as “Alpsan  İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti”, we are serving construction sector for more than 20 years.

Since the day, that the first planer worked, we embraced the principle “making quality work at the shortest time and with reasonable cost”. We enriched our dynamic and experienced staff with the investments of technology, education, in short continuous improvement.

We worked with enthusiasm in the fields where craft and art merged and intertwined. We have been got rewarded of our effort with our relationship with the firms that we worked for many years is continuing, and be chosen by our customers as the number one business partner for all woodwork.

We focused on special production, which is weighted on handicrafts, with outside of the today’s economy’s which is a system forces to grow.

Now, with the power that we got from you and with the accumulation of years, we are opening a new page that will be a milestone in the merchandising sector.

It provides quality level’s sustainable with combining technology with hand work. In fact, we are giving wood and the other material the value that they deserve.

We are offering you increasing your power together with our firm, which is consequently serving from its establishment to today in merchandizing sector, and we are proud to announce our new brand Atelye to you. From now on, we are offering you, not just in your woodwork, to go together in all of your turn-key decoration projects.

In Atelye diligent hands and the latest technologies will work for you.With the accumulation of years and expertise; while your dream projects coming alive, you enjoy the success and quality.